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Top 3 International School in Jakarta with their Achievements

Registering your children for school cannot be done only by choosing its academics, you also have to know the suitable learning environment for your children. One of the school types is International School so that your children will learn about various cultures and nationalities. For those of you in Jakarta, here are the best International Schools in your location.

Top 3 International School Jakarta with its Students’ Achievements

1. British School Jakarta

British School Jakarta is an independent collaborative school managed by the British School Jakarta Foundation. This school provides unique learning techniques to break down unlimited opportunities for Kindergarten, Primary School, and Secondary School. This is why this school has many outstanding students because of their achievements.

There are so many high achievers in BSJ or British School Jakarta. 13 students of this Cambridge International School were offered to continue their study in a ‘World Top 100 University 2019’ such as NUS, University of California Los Angeles, University of California Berkeley, and so on. They were provided with the opportunity to study at outstanding institutions.

 2. Academic Colleges Group

Academic Colleges Group or known as ACG is a school that provides a good education for Kindergarten to Year 13. This Cambridge School Jakarta is a good option for you who are looking for International School in South Jakarta. This school has a network with more than 64 high-quality schools and uses the best learning outcomes to produce value-driven results.

The success of students is the reason why ACG is known for its best academics. The American College of Greece always pays attention to the progression of ACG students from admission to graduation. Not only that, but also ACG Class of 2020 consists of 28.1% who are employed, 20.2% pursuing additional studies, and 14.7% pursuing Graduate studies.

3. Global Sevilla School

Global Sevilla School is the perfect International School in Jakarta to choose from for children. It is because it offers a comprehensive and balanced education, a character-building focus, and a mindfulness-based approach. This Cambridge School Jakarta aims to acquire students to master both academics and character development.

Talking about achievements, many Global Sevilla students are high achievers in the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education and A-Level examinations. Also, many of them are accepted into world-class universities, such as UCLA, Boston University, Monash University, Tsinghua University, and many more.

Those are the top 3 International Schools in Jakarta that produce high achievers and successful graduates. There are British School Jakarta, Academic Colleges Group, and Global Sevilla School that you can choose from for your children. You may choose which one is suitable for your children’s needs and interests.

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